5 tips for dressing for an interview // ladies

One of the most common mistakes in an interview seems to be dressing for the interview. I always suggest showing up overdressed – this may not be appropriate for every job applicant; for a waitress position, I wore nice pants, a trendier shirt and comfortable shoes in case I was asked to shadow or startContinue reading “5 tips for dressing for an interview // ladies”

5 tips for creating your own stock photography

For many businesses, I suggest that they create their own stock photography. It’s easier than it seems – you don’t necessarily need to hire an expensive photographer or spend thousands on fancy equipment. I’ve included a few tips below to get you started in the right direction! Have a plan & determine your style. Do youContinue reading “5 tips for creating your own stock photography”

5 tips for a great elevator speech

I’m a huge advocate for the business elevator speech. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how often I ask a business owner to give me their pitch, in two sentences or less, and it’s a struggle. Why? Your business is probably like your baby. How can you talk about your baby in 30 secondsContinue reading “5 tips for a great elevator speech”

5 things to know about blogging

It’s always interesting when I talk to people about blogging. Typically, people think of blogging as long paragraphs, poems, the “open letters” that are always floating around on Facebook. Can blogging be annoying? Yes. When done correctly, can it be extremely helpful in building your website and business credibility AND help drive traffic to yourContinue reading “5 things to know about blogging”

5 important social media apps 

It seems like a new social media app pops up every day. Which sites are the best? Which ones aren’t as important? Do you need to be on every platform? This depends on your current customer base, who you’d like to reach and how much time you’d like to spend reaching them. You may thinkContinue reading “5 important social media apps “