Local Entrepreneur Announces Franchise Opportunities for Athletics Program

Stacey Horton, local entrepreneur and founder of Major Cheer, an after-school cheer program, has announced the launch of a franchise program to expand and grow the business and mission. Major Cheer allows students the chance to learn the sport of cheerleading in a fun, structured, after-school program format.

Ideal candidates for the franchise program include those passionate about cheerleading and/or dancing including teachers, coaches, athletes and of course, cheerleaders. The franchise opportunity aims to empower entrepreneurs with a business model that is home-based, with a flexible schedule that involves part-time hours in return for full-time pay.

“We have seen tremendous success through Major Cheer, bringing this sport to many schools and students that previously were not allowed the opportunity to learn cheerleading,” said Stacey Horton, Major Cheer founder. “We decided to grow this program in a way that will allow other schools to introduce this sport to students, and also enable and empower local entrepreneurs and athletes to build a business while contributing to their communities in a very spirited manner!”

Horton began teaching cheerleading as an after-school program format in 2000 when her children were attending Myakka City Elementary School, a rural school with limited after-school athletics program options. Formerly Cheer Jam, Major Cheer was launched as a full-scale, after-school cheerleading program, including summer camp programs. Franchise opportunities were introduced in 2019 and a list of current locations can be found at MajorCheer.net.  

Along with her daughter, Dominique Jackson, and franchisee and former Major Cheer alumni, Ashley Matthews, Horton and her team currently coach 400 students involved in the after-school program. The program is known for the original, creative choreography and notable alumni performances, which include appearances at the 50th Daytona 500, sports games for teams including the Tampa Bay Bucs and Superbowl XLIII.

Currently, the program serves schools throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties including Tatum Ridge Elementary School (Sarasota), Phillippi Shores Elementary School (Sarasota), Ashton Elementary School (Sarasota), Williams Elementary School (Parrish), Harvey Elementary School (Parrish), Parrish Charter School (Parrish), Kinnan Elementary School (Bradenton), Palmetto Elementary School (Bradenton), Braden River Elementary School (Bradenton), Gene Witt Elementary School (Bradenton), Willis Elementary School (Lakewood Ranch) and Myakka City Elementary School (Myakka City).  

To learn more about franchise opportunities, visit https://majorcheer.net/franchise/.

About Major Cheer
Major Cheer, formerly Cheer Jam, is a one-of-a-kind after-school program focusing on the fundamentals of cheerleading. With a mission to provide a safe, exciting atmosphere for students to learn the sport of cheerleading, athletes will enjoy a structured, fun-filled class for students aged 4 and up. Major Cheer began offering franchise opportunities in 2019. To learn more about programs, view a list of locations or get more information about franchise opportunities, visit https://majorcheer.net/

PHOTO ID: Major Cheer coach and franchisee Ashley Matthews, Major Cheer founder Stacey Horton and Dominique Jackson, Major Cheer and Cheer Jam coach


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