Sarasota Academy Outreach Director Presents at Global Education Summit in China

Dr. Todd Brown, PhD., Sarasota Military Academy Outreach Director, was recently invited to run a workshop and give a keynote address at the Shekou SDG’s conference in Shekou, China in September 2019. According to the conference website, the SDG Summit is an inaugural gathering of global educators with the goal of building capacity, connection and developing an ongoing, visionary educational approach to impact communities.

“With a mission to graduate young men and women who will confidently define their personal and unique goals for success in a multi-cultural and globalized world, Sarasota Military Academy is proud to have Dr. Brown as the SMA Outreach Director,” said SMA-COL Christina Bowman, Sarasota Military Academy Executive Director of Schools. “In this new capacity, Dr. Brown has an incredible opportunity to travel the world learning new methods while also educating others about the amazing opportunities and discoveries happening at our Academy.”

Formerly the SMA Individuals and Societies Instructor and Department Chair, Dr. Brown was recently named the Academy’s Outreach Director, a decision made based on his ability to connect cadets and staff to opportunities extending far beyond the “traditional” classroom curriculum.

In July, Dr. Brown was invited to speak at the 2019 Global IB Conference held in New Orleans.  During the conference, Dr. Brown led a breakout session with schools around the world to join The Inspire Project as well as the “Operation Outbreak” project, a program of Dr. Brown’s creation that puts students at the forefront of containing an infectious disease outbreak. 

Additional speaking engagements include invitations to Cairo, Egypt and Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia at the AdvancED Global Conferences in November 2019 and the International Conference on Learning in Belfast, UK in July 2019. Dr. Brown has received numerous awards including the Education Foundation Innovator of the Year Award in December 2018, the United States Henry Ford Innovator Award in March 2019, an appointment as a United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals Ambassador (serving from 2019 – 2020) and the CDC Science Ambassador Fellowship (July of 2019 – 2020). 

About Sarasota Military Academy
Founded in 2002, Sarasota Military Academy (SMA) is a public charter school, college preparatory academy and an accredited IB Diploma and Middle Years Programme (MYP) School with two campuses located in Sarasota, Florida. Combining extraordinary academics with the highest military principles of camaraderie, focus, leadership, integrity, compassion, poise, honor, and respect, SMA’s mission is to graduate young men and women who will confidently define their personal and unique goals for success in a multi-cultural and globalized world. Sarasota Military Academy High School is located at 801 N. Orange Avenue and Sarasota Military Academy Prep Middle School, is located at 3101 Bethel Lane. To learn more about SMA, visit

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