Florida Cattlemen’s Association Announces New President

The Florida Cattlemen’s Association (FCA) recently elected Matt Pearce as the new FCA President during the 85th annual FCA Convention. Pearce, of Okeechobee, announced the “Share your Heritage” theme planned for his term as the FCA President.

“I am proud to follow in the footsteps of many phenomenal leaders while representing Florida Cattlemen and Cattlewomen as the new FCA President,” said Matt Pearce. “The ‘Share your Heritage’ initiative is one we are excited to promote this year – we are asking members to share their stories of how their families and operations positively impact and contribute to the environment, community and the ranching way of life.”

Pearce, a Florida native and 7th generation cattle rancher, owns and operates Pearce Cattle Company, a family-owned cow/calf operation with locations throughout South Florida and Central Georgia. Pearce is also a sales specialist for Purina, and has worked with the company for twenty years. He served on the FCA Board for 10 years (four years with the executive committee and six years as an officer) and his goal is to serve the industry and assist in successfully passing down the ranching lifestyle to the next generation.

“The annual conventions serve as an opportunity to share our success, share and learn from our failures, network within our industry and learn about new advances in agriculture,” said Pearce. “I look forward to continuing to serve this industry and the people who make it great as the FCA President and I look forward to a successful year.”

Pearce follows outgoing FCA President Alex Johns of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. To learn more about the Florida Cattlemen’s Association or FCA awards, events or happenings, visit https://www.floridacattlemen.org/.

About the Florida Cattlemen’s Association
Established in 1934, the Florida Cattlemen’s Association (FCA) is a statewide, nonprofit organization devoted entirely and exclusively to promoting and protecting the ability of cattlemen members to produce and market their products. Florida’s cattle industry is one of the 15th largest in the nation, centered around birthing and raising calves. Florida cattlemen are dedicated to the preservation of Florida’s land through county fairs, scholarship contests, youth competitions and events and the FCA continues to work diligently to give back to the communities served. To learn more about the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, visit https://www.floridacattlemen.org/.

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