Local Entrepreneur Invites Public to Full Moon Goddess Circle Yoga Event

Allison Sieloff, local entrepreneur, massage therapist and founder of Body Knowledge Spa, invites the public to an upcoming “Awakening the Goddess: Full Moon Transformational Circle” event planned for Wednesday, October 24 from 6:30 – 8:30pm at Siesta Healing, located at 5101 Ocean Boulevard in Siesta Key, Florida.

The event, planned during the next full moon on October 24, will feature soothing music in an intimate setting with essential oils. Light snacks and refreshments will be available before and after the class. Space is limited and participants are asked to register and purchase tickets at https://bit.ly/2yowkVf.

“In today’s world, it seems as though being ‘busy’ and stressed is more prevalent than ever. It’s almost as if we earn a badge of courage when we attempt to do everything on our own,” said Allison Sieloff, owner and founder of Body Knowledge Spa and event coordinator. “It’s time to get back to forming our tribes and celebrating what can happen when we allow ourselves to thrive on feminine energy. This Goddess circle aims to offer a safe and gentle space for women of all backgrounds and ages to come together during the full moon to offer support, a place to set intentions and find sisterhood.”

Participants will arrive at 6:30pm to enjoy snacks and beverages before the circle begins at 7pm. Body movement and stretching techniques, yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation will be featured throughout the class. Comfortable clothes are recommended, and mats will be provided by Siesta Healing for attendees without proper equipment.

“We are proud to provide a space for this event in our community. This is what the spaces at Siesta Healing were intended to house – local yoga enthusiasts having a safe place to practice, bond and create opportunities for growth and community,” said Brandon Mahlios, Siesta Healing founder. “At Siesta Healing, we believe in supporting organizations and events that encourage wellness throughout the body, mind and spirit.”

Ms. Sieloff is a licensed massage therapist, is doula-trained and holds certifications in alternative medicine and global healing. To learn more about Ms. Sieloff, or Body Knowledge Spa, visit http://www.bodyknowledgespa.com/.

About Siesta Healing
Formed in 2018, Siesta Healing is a local, family-owned and operated wellness facility located at 5101 Ocean Boulevard in Siesta Key, Florida. With a mission/vision to provide a place for holistic, natural and alternative methods of healing, Siesta Healing also offers classes for exercise, nutrition and meditation, with products available for purchase. To learn more, visit https://siestahealing.com/.

About Allison Sieloff & Body Knowledge Spa
Body Knowledge Spa, created by licensed massage therapist Allison Sieloff (LMT MA57129), is a local company with a mission to combine knowledge and hands-on experience to create an individualized therapeutic healing session leaving clients refreshed and relaxed. Licensed in 2009, Allison Sieloff created Body Knowledge Spa to focus on health and well-being, a knowledgeable therapist, on-going training and an awareness and practice of current methods. Body Knowledge Spa is located at 9070 58th Drive East, Suite 102 in Bradenton, Florida. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit http://www.bodyknowledgespa.com/.

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