5 things to know about blogging

It’s always interesting when I talk to people about blogging. Typically, people think of blogging as long paragraphs, poems, the “open letters” that are always floating around on Facebook. Can blogging be annoying? Yes. When done correctly, can it be extremely helpful in building your website and business credibility AND help drive traffic to your business? That answer is a resounding yes.

Curious about blogging? Give us a call to see how it can help your business. In the meantime, here are 5 quick tips to help you get started!

  1. Pick a topic or theme. Are you an auto mechanic? Post simple DIY tips or better yet, you could use a template with a “How to” vibe: How to replace your taillight, how to talk to your mechanic, how to pick the best oil during an oil change that works for your car, etc. You’re helping customers feel informed and empowered, and they’ll turn to you when they need professional help. Are you a store owner? Find things that your customers ask about, and use that to create a blog! Blogs are great ways to showcase jobs that your company has completed or services you’ve provided. Just make sure you have permission to share those stories and then post away!

2. Build a plan. How often will you post? I’ve seen it time and time again – people start blogging and they post every single day for a week and then… it’s over. I suggest making a list of at least 8 topics or blog ideas and then writing them down in a word document. (This also helps catch spelling and grammatical errors!) In many platforms (like WordPress.com) you can actually plan ahead and have the blogs post. I suggest starting with a weekly or monthly post. Pick one day and stick to it. Use your list to keep you on track.

3. Keep it simple. Blogs are more about great, consistent content. Even if your blog is short, quick and to the point, if you use your keywords when writing, you’ll be rewarded in search engines. Don’t overthink it. Include photos and short blurbs. I suggest writing, stepping away, and then editing later. It never hurts to ask for a second opinion before posting! Remember to use keywords often that apply to your business. If you’re a chef in Bradenton who specializes in birthday cakes, make sure that you’re using those words in each post.

4. Take notes and photos regularly. Nothing is worse than looking back and wishing you would have recorded dates, names, photos and memories. I always carry a notepad or use the notes app on my phone to keep track of what’s happening. Many blogging services (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) have apps that allow you to write and save drafts for editing and posting at a later time. Even if you’re just writing for yourself, keep track of your hard work and memories.

5. Be consistent and share your work! One of the best things about blogging is that it gives you a shareable link. Once you have a blog post, you have content to share. Invite people to check out your awesome blog on your social media accounts. Blogging not only tells sites like Google that you know what you’re talking about, through the use of those keywords and consistent posting, but it also helps drive new and repeat traffic to your site. Blogs are essentially a record of your expertise, and people will take note.

Blogging is a great business tool. Even if you don’t think you’re a strong writer, you can be a great blogger! Keep it simple, include great pictures, use keywords and have fun with it. For tips or ideas for a blog that can help your business reach the next level, contact us today. We love blogging and helping others catch the blogging-bug!

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