5 things to know before posting that picture


Quick! Before you post that picture to Facebook, Instagram or your website… stop and ask yourself 5 simple questions!

1. Why are you posting this photo? Is it just a cute photo with absolutely nothing to do with your business? If so, it still might be a nice idea to post! It’s just important to remind yourself why you’re posting so that you don’t regret something later!

2. Does this photo make sense? This may seem a silly thing to ask, but it’s always smart to take a step back and evaluate. Are you posting a photo that relates to your message? Does your caption pertain to the photo?

3. Is the photo blurry? This is probably one of the biggest mistakes when people – especially companies – post photos online. Photos should be nice, clear and high resolution. You don’t have to take a photo on a fancy camera, your smartphone will work – just be sure that the photo is clear and in focus.

4. Would editing the photo help? I find that sometimes, a nice filter will make a photo look even better! Is your photo dark? You can use apps to lighten it! It’s hard to get people excited about a photo they can’t see correctly – especially in group photos. Apps like VSCO, Snapseed, even your phone camera’s standard tools will help. For a few additional apps to consider, I recommend checking out this blog post!

5. How many people will appreciate, relate and engage with this photo? Photos and videos are great ways to get people excited about what your company is doing. On social media, posts with just text often get lost in the shuffle. Adding a nice, clear photo can set you apart from the crowd!

Want to learn more about how photos can help drive traffic in an extremely easy way? We can help! Contact us today, we will have you posting great content in no time!

Featured photo provided by Mark at https://pngpicture.com/

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